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recital series

Join us for a FREE recital series at the Urbana Free Library!  Each recital starts at 2:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon and will feature solo performances by some of our UPO professional and student musicians.

Sunday, February 12

Tamra Gingold, Violin with students from Urbana High School

Sunday, March 12

Christopher Raymond, Bassoon

Sunday, April 9

Robin Kearton, Viola with students from Community Center for the Arts

2017 Summer Concert Series

Saturday, June 10, 7pm - Cartoons in Concert

Saturday, July 15 - 7pm - Made in the USA


Composition Contest

Composers are invited to submit their compositions to UPO's 2017 Composition Contest until March 31, 2017.  Winning works from Junior and Senior divisions will be performed this summer during UPO concerts.

2016 Orchestra Members

Daniel F. Southerland, Principal Conductor

Stephen L. Larson,  Associate Conductor

Violin I
Aaron Jacobs,  Guest Concertmaster
Noah Larson°, Associate Concertmaster
Armine Mortimer
Johnny Lusardi
Yipu Wang
Dante Freund°
Maria del Toro
Stella Faux°
Jenna Lee°

Violin II
Tamra Gingold, Principal
Erika Zelada, Guest Principal
Collin Jung°,  Assistant Principal
Seul Lee
Justin Chui°
Chukyung Park
Laura Salo
Shelly Stearns
Gabriella Chavez
Katarina Marjanovic

Robin Kearton, Guest Principal
Isaac Henry°, Assistant Principal
Annika Downey°
Hannah Jellen
Andrehyu Allen°
Evan Brown°

Jordan Gunn, Guest Principal
Kelda Habing°, Assistant Principal
Sara Carrillo
Kirsten Landowne
Darren Liu
Jenny Johnson
Chris Petterson
Kristen Johns

Double Bass
Margaret Briskin, Principal
Todd Gallagher, Guest Principal
Pascal Youakim

Ai Yamaguchi, Principal
Tori Lupinek
Lizzy O’Brien°, Piccolo

Angela Tammen, Guest Principal
Taylor Vulgamore,  English Horn

Evelyn Tunison, Guest Principal
Henry Ando°
Jenny Deisher
Marcus Moone°, Bass

Christopher Raymond, Principal
Annie Mason
Marcus Westbrook, Contra

Jancie Philippus, Principal
Matt Geary, Assistant Principal
Rebecca Salo
Elaine Anderies
Nick Tipsword°


Donny de la Rosa, Guest Principal
Evan Bossenbroek°
Robert Sears
Benjamin King

AJ Youngblood, Principal
Ethan Scholl
Adam Kosberg, Bass 

Douglas Olenik, Principal

Bridget Olenik, Principal

Zachary Bowers, Guest Principal
Meagan Gillis
Jonathan Larson
Collin Biesiada
Allen Brown°

Katherine Denler, Principal

John Gorecki
Bethany Larson

° Student Interns


Urbana Pops Orchestra wouldn't be here without the generous support of our Pops Stars - patrons like you who donate to the group!  Please consider becoming a Pops Star and helping to advance our mission.  

Urbana Pops Orchestra is a locally grown ensemble of music educators, college music majors, and seasoned community musicians sharing their music stands with talented youth musicians who audition for a unique music-making opportunity.  Urbana Pops' goal is to bring high-quality, popular orchestral music to the community at little or no cost and to nurture talented young musicians.

Daniel F. Southerland, Principal Conductor

Stephen L. Larson, Associate Conductor

Chris Petterson, Staff Coordinator